David Wentz, Owner

Colorado Natural Buffalo

With a keen interest in the buffalo industry as a growing market, David Wentz leveraged his background as a former airline pilot, flight instructor, secondary teacher, parks and recreation district manager, and sheep rancher to launch Colorado Natural Buffalo, LLC – a bison ranching operation using holistic land management techniques.

David has partnered with local buffalo ranchers and enthusiasts to grow the team’s herd to approximately 450 animals during the breeding season – using a nearly 9,000-acre, bucolic prairie site allowing buffalo to freely enjoy Colorado’s natural vegetation.

Careful Monitoring for Animal Health, Grassland Preservation, & Water Access

By applying innovations in grass-fed ranching practices, David has employed holistic land management practices including grasslands restoration principles promoted by the Savory Institute. Together with his partners, David has divided the parcel into 16 distinct pastures to ensure proper rotational grazing patterns.

Using logistics skills to map and monitor herd movement, he relies on knowledge of the area’s local resources, technological advances in animal management, agricultural principals, and grassland observation.

Speaking Engagements & Bison Industry Leadership
Focused on the bison’s appeal as the national American mammal, David often speaks to industry gatherings, tour groups, and other audiences on the challenges and benefits of raising buffalo in Colorado’s arid climate. A member of the National Bison Association and the Rocky Mountain Bison Association, he regularly participates in industry events and animal auctions.

David is a licensed commercial pilot and a former airline pilot for Frontier Airlines. He also served as Flight Planner & Dispatcher for Mayo Aviation, a charter operation in Centennial, Colorado that holds Flight for Life contracts with St. Anthony’s Hospital. David's career includes the position of flight instructor at the Flight Training Center and PC Flyers in Colorado, in addition to Aeronautical Training Center experience in sales and marketing at Centennial Airport.

David holds a Bachelor of Arts in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation from Messiah College in Pennsylvania, as well as Associates of Aviation studies at Aims Community College in Colorado. He completed coursework in Holistic Land Management at the Savory Institute.