buffalo ranch in colorado

Buffalo Meat, Buffalo Hunts, Grass-Fed Bison Meat, & Buffalo Tours at Colorado Natural Buffalo Ranch 

David Wentz, Owner
Holistic Bison Rancher
Colorado Natural Buffalo, LLC


By ensuring our bison have a healthy environment, water sources, and sustainable grass, we ensure the best possible life conditions for the herd.

Our bison roam free in a setting closely resembling the native plains well-documented in American history. Contact David for a tour, hunt, or more information.

Buffalo on Colorado Ranch Managed by David Wentz

Bison Hunts & Available Animals

Ethically Raised

Bison Available for Hunts - Fall 2021: 

Three 8-year old Trophy Bulls are available for hunts at $5500 each, approximately 2,000 lbs live weight. See one of our bulls pictured to the right.

Contact David at 303-653-1993 if you are interested in these magnificent animals!

Bison Hunting
Schedule an authentic bison hunt today! We will help select a suitable animal for your choice of a Meat Hunt or Trophy Hunt, or you can see updates on available animals below. We will personally arrange your hunt at a mutually convenient time, no matter if you live in Colorado or plan to visit.

We will also be on hand to provide helpful information on the best local meat processors in Colorado, along with assistance in loading your bison, taking hunt photos, and more.