Buffalo Ranch Just East of Denver
A believer in holistic bison grazing and ranching, I manage nearly 500 buffalo on a beautiful 8,000-acre site on a bucolic prairie just east of Denver International Airport. The animals roam freely in pastures set up according to holistic land management principles, enjoying the fresh Rocky Mountain air and natural vegetation. 

If you've never seen the bison in their natural habitat - complete with a sweeping view of the open prairie - contact me for a tour! The bison have been designated as the US National Mammal, and watching their behavior, intelligence, and activity is a memorable sight.

I also offer grass fed bison meat, breeding animals, buffalo hunts, buffalo artifacts, and other services.

I promise you'll come away intrigued and with a renewed sense of our American heritage.

Contact me at 303-653-1993 for more information.
David Wentz, Owner
Holistic Bison Rancher
Owner, Colorado Natural Buffalo

Colorado Bison Ranch

Grass-Fed Buffalo Ranch Featuring All-Natural Bison Meat, Buffalo Hunts, Bison Tours, & Artifacts From Colorado's Rural Prairie 

buffalo ranch in colorado

As you can see from the above video of the Colorado Natural Buffalo herd, our bison experience the advantages of plentiful grassland, fresh water, and a climate conducive to healthy growth.

When consumers taste our meat, they can instantly tell the difference. Grass-fed herds that roam unrestrained experience a low-stress environment, unlike those raised in feedlots. Higher-quality meat is the end result of allowing buffalo to choose their diets and thrive in a natural, calming environment.

Just like buffalo roamed in the Old West, our animals experience wide open skies, abundant native grasses, and the freedom of sparsely populated, expansive acreage. 


Grass-Fed Buffalo From the Colorado Prairie