Grass-Fed, All-Natural Bison Meat, Hunting Services, Tours, & Artifacts From Colorado's Rural Prairie 

With a holistic management approach, we have established an eco-friendly organization that preserves the natural landscape, while allowing us to build a grass-fed bison herd.

In conjunction with the Savory Institute in Boulder, we employ optimum grazing practices that allow the buffalo to thrive, while benefiting the land. Divided into multiple pastures, our 8,000 acre site is among the select few ranches in Colorado to use these techniques. This management style ensures the regrowth of the natural western grasslands.

The result? Much like their natural habitat of years ago, our buffalo roam freely and explore the Colorado prairie, ensuring they receive the same sustenance as bison did in the Wild West - and you receive a better bison meat product.

Bison Tours, Buffalo Meat, Bison Hunts, & More

Buffalo Tours & Bison Ranch Tours
See buffalo up close with our customized tours. 
Stopping into Denver or flying into Colorado via Denver International Airport? I can set up a tour according to your schedule - where you can see bison roaming in their natural habitat, just like they did hundreds of years ago. Call me at 303-653-1993 for more information.

Bison Meat
Low in fat and high in protein, grass-fed bison offers a solid nutritional advantage. I sell bison meat in 40-lb sample packs (a great idea if you've getting started), or half / whole animals. Contact David Wentz at 303-653-1993 to get more information, or send a note through my Contact page.

Schedule an authentic bison hunt on the Plains 8,000-acre property today. We will help arrange your hunt and provide helpful information on meat processing and loading. 

Live Animals
Supplement or launch your own buffalo herd with our bison calves or breeding animals. Contact me at 303-653-1993.

David Wentz, Owner
Holistic Bison Rancher
Colorado Natural Buffalo, LLC

Holistic Grazing